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Our vision is to be a community of Christ's followers by modeling God's love
Our vision is to be a community of Christ's followers by modeling God's love
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What’s the Good News?

The Good News is… God sent his Son Jesus to tell you he loves YOU, no matter what…

You may hear church people when they are talking in their “church language” mention the “Good News.” We hope this page will help you understand what the “Good News” is and why we call it that.

First things you’ll want to know…

heart and crossWell, we are here to help introduce people to God’s love. A love that is unselfish, undeserved, but oh so real and powerful! It is truly amazing what can happen when we learn to love each other the way God intended. You see before Jesus came, a lot of people had forgotten that God was a loving God who wanted to be in relationship with us. They thought that by following all of the “law” (church law) of the time, they were being faithful.

Jesus changed all that…

Jesus didn’t come to condemn anyone or even to change their minds about anything.  He came simply to be God’s ultimate example of what it means to truly LOVE ONE ANOTHER!  He ate and hung out with ALL people, even people considered dirty or outcasts.  And his ultimate example was when he actually submitted to being tortured and killed even though all he had done was to show all people God’s Love.

Learning more…

We invite you to learn more about Jesus and his sacrifice and what that mean for your life.  Perhaps being focused on your “self-image” and your “self-confidence” hasn’t really gotten you anywhere.  Perhaps focusing your life on God will help you realize everything that God intends for your life.  We would encourage and invite you to find a church that you believe God is calling you to be a part of.

Why belong to a Church?

Life is hard. Sometimes it just downright stinks. The husbands and wives, sons and daughters of this church know that having a Church “community” or Church “family” that they can turn to in times of need makes getting through life a LOT easier. Not only that, but when times are good, we can spend time learning to be better people, to love each other better, try and hold each other accountable and challenge each other to be the best people God intended us to be.

We aren’t perfect because we are people.  Being a “churchgoer” doesn’t make us any less able to sin, it just means that we hold on and listen to God and try to discern the best path for our lives from the one who gave us life in the first place.

Now that is all Good News!  🙂

Why does God love Me?

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Matthew 22:37

Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.